Elizaveta Кorchan

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Корчан Елизавета (русский)

Korch Elizaveta Gennadievna

Computer Science

CS 2015-1

General Information

Korchan Elizabeth Gennadievna (November 10, 1997, Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, Ukraine) - a student of Kharkov National University of Urban Economy. More than 7 years engaged in folk and ballroom dances and has a lot of prizes and awards. 3 years she engaged in tennis, but after an unsuccessful injury left the big sports, but still managed to win several awards. 5 years she studied at children's art school. It has a large number of awards and prizes. I defend the honor of the city on the Ukrainian and International competitions. In adolescence he participated actively in the organization of "Severodonetsk Association of Youth Initiatives". Also he worked and starred in the youth project "LookVision Tv" Elizabeth received public recognition and a number of awards for her active participation in the activities of the city. Awarded certificates and diplomas Ukrainian deputy Alexei Petrovich Kunchenko.


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She has participated in the 9th Studensky Ukrainian scientific and technical conference "Sustainable urban development" on the topic "3D pen".



Since childhood, he took part in various competitions and won prizes. She participated in the school, regional, national and international competitions

Social projects

The social projects include the organization of urban activities for a healthy lifestyle. The very first experience was the organization of urban streetball tournament "NIKA", supported by "Severodonetsk Association of Young Initiatives" and USL 3x3. The event was attended by a huge number of athletes and the winners of defending the honor of the city at National level. Also has organized the first urban project on StreetWorkout and two city runs for a healthy lifestyle, which involved more than 10,000 people. In their free time with their friends Subotnick organized in the city park. She participated in the organization of events between schools to Severodonetsk Ukraine's Armed Forces Day, "Come on, guys!"

Artistic activity

In 13 years, she won the 3rd place in the nationwide competition "I want to live in a world of high-quality" with the figure "Pіdrobnі Liky - otruta".

On reaching wrote in the journal

In 14 years, she won the 3rd place in the International Competition "Underwater fantasy" patterned "Rybalka".

In 15 years as occupied 3rd place in the nationwide competition "I want to live in a world of high-quality" with the figure "Pіdpіlne virobnitstvo- neyakіsny tovar"